Putting Down Roots

With the tree as the predominant feature in the foreground, this pattern reflects our belief that even though we built a house in the country, we are visitors and must respect the nature and land around us. That is why we participate in the Tree Planting Program every year through the Credit Valley Conservation and are looking for new ways to work with them to improve the land on which we’ve built. The house and words in this pattern can be changed to reflect a place close to your heart.

Funny Farm

We have a hobby farm in Caledon and this pattern represents the nature and critters that surround us. Before we started keeping our own animals and growing our own vegetables, we would visit a farm market near us called Downey’s Farm Market. We loved going with the kids to visit the Kritter Korral and to pick our own strawberries and apples every year. We still go to buy our pumpkins for Halloween and every now and then just stop in for a bag of their home-baked pumpkin doughnuts.

On The Bay

When I was a child my grandmother painted several pictures during her visits to our cabin on Georgian Bay. When I started rug hooking I knew at some point I would sit out on our deck and attempt to hook our view. On The Bay is the results of the first visit to the cottage during the summer of COVID-2020 and finding peace and beauty during a unique and challenging summer. I hope hooking this brings you the peace it brought me.