Feathered and Furry Friends


To this day the tiny chickadee with it’s black cap is still one of my favourite birds. They can remember where they hide food for at least a month after putting it in its hiding place (wish I could say the same about my glasses). Chickadees are tough little birds that do not migrate. During cold weather Chickadees have been found to need twenty times more food than they do in summer. So let’s all fill those feeders!

Red-Winged Blackbird

Every day I see a red-winged blackbird perched on the tip of a bull rush down in the marshy area at the bottom of our hill. I have never though, been able to actually get a photo. Perhaps it’s because I keep my distance because the male blackbird is fiercely defensive of its territory during mating season and will attack people if it feels threatened.

Leaf Thief

As soon as my lettuce seeds enter the ground in the spring, the stage is set for battle. It took many years to realize that I would never win, so I have retreated in defeat and simply plant enough lettuce for us all. Did you know rabbits perform an athletic leap, known as a ‘binky’, when they’re happy – performing twists and kicks in mid air?! I believe I’ve witnessed this as they hop away with my lettuce.